5 Americans Shot in Terrorist Attack in Jerusalem

5 Americans Shot in Terrorist Attack in Jerusalem

Michelle Rosenberg
Michelle Rosenberg
August 14, 2022

Five Americans are among the eight shooting victims of a terrorist attack in Jerusalem near the Western Wall. The victims include a family from New York City. The attack was carried out in the early morning hours Sunday.

The injured victims were taken to area hospitals, some in serious condition, including a pregnant woman who underwent an emergency c-section after the attack. Mother and baby are both in “serious condition,” according to hospital officials. There were no reported deaths.

The suspect, not yet identified by name, is reportedly a Palestinian male who holds Israeli citizenship.

The U.S. Embassy issued a statement after the attacks saying they were “shocked and saddened.

Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides issued the following statement via Twitter:

President Biden has not yet commented on the attack.

The incident occurred after increased violent tensions in Gaza resulting from Israel’s killing of a high-ranking Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) leader and subsequent rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel. While an official ceasefire was announced last week, the hostilities resulted in dozens of Palestinian deaths, some of which were due to misfired rockets by the PIJ.

Unsurprisingly, progressives in the United States, who were quick to condemn Israel, remained silent after the news of American casualties. ‘Squad’ member Rep. Cori Bush (D) was vocal on Twitter last week, stating her support for the Palestinians in the violent escalations. She called on Israel to end its blockade against Gaza and for Congress to cease funding “Israeli apartheid.”

The congresswoman did not call on Egypt to end its blockage against Gaza, nor did she call on the U.S. government to end its aid to Gaza, despite funds being intercepted by the terrorist government. Last year, the Biden administration announced $110M in new Gaza funding. According to the Department of State, “Since April 2021, the United States has provided over half a billion dollars in assistance for the Palestinians.”

She has yet to address or condemn the shooting in Jerusalem.

The Palestinian government, which is effectively controlled by the terrorist organization Hamas, has not functioned since 2006 and is a proxy of Iran.

Despite this, many ‘Squad’ members and other progressives advocate for increased aid to Gaza. Much of the current assistance never reaches Palestinians, who are suffering incomprehensibly under Hamas’ control.

Michelle Rosenberg

Michelle Rosenberg

Michelle Rosenberg is a proud holder of a Master's degree in Global Affairs with a concentration in Globalization and Security, as well as a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, both from Florida International University. Michelle's academic pursuits illustrate her commitment to understanding the complex dimensions of international relations and global dynamics. When she's not diving into the intricacies of global affairs, she cherishes time with her three beloved daughters and relishes exploring new places with her family

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