Violent Antisemitic Attack on Elderly Resident in Fort Lauderdale, Perpetrator Remains Employed

Violent Antisemitic Attack on Elderly Resident in Fort Lauderdale, Perpetrator Remains Employed

Michelle Rosenberg
Michelle Rosenberg
April 19, 2023

Shock and outrage are growing after an office manager at Ocean Summit on Galt Ocean Mile was caught on video choking a 71-year-old woman and shouting antisemitic slurs. Despite the disturbing footage, the employee remains on the job, raising concerns about the company’s commitment to addressing hate and discrimination.

The incident occurred in Ft. Lauderdale, where antisemitism has been on the rise. Martha Arnold, the 71-year-old victim, was attacked at the door of an elevator on the property. The building’s guard intervened, but the confrontation did not end there. Martha reported that the office manager lunged at her neck and pushed her forcefully, injuring her head and back.

Martha immediately called the police, who arrived and took statements. During the incident, the office manager allegedly mouthed an antisemitic remark at Martha, leaving her shocked and traumatized. In the aftermath of the attack, Martha and her husband, Martin, have been unable to return home, fearing for their safety. Martin believes that his wife suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder due to the incident.

In response to the video, Stop Antisemitism, a nonprofit dedicated to eradicating antisemitism,  and others have called on the Broward State Attorney’s Office and political leaders to take action and ensure the woman is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Congressman Jared Moskowitz condemned the violent act in a tweet, stating, “Antisemitism continue to spread and is an urgent threat to safety. It’s deeply disturbing to see an act of violence like this happen in my district, and the lack of accountability by the employer is even more disgusting.”

The Emet Times reached out to the Broward State Attorney’s Office for an update on the investigation. In response, a representative stated that while their office does not comment on pending cases, they confirmed that the case had been received on April 10. Prosecutors from the Hate Crimes Unit and Elder Abuse Unit are currently reviewing all facts, circumstances, and evidence related to the incident and the police investigation. A decision on how to proceed will be made after considering all relevant information and state law.

The condo association has released a statement saying that the office manager is still employed and they cannot comment on the specifics of the investigation, as the police and the State Attorney’s Office are investigating the case.

As the community awaits further updates from the Broward State Attorney’s Office, many are left wondering what it will take to address the growing problem of antisemitism in the area and ensure the safety of its residents.

Michelle Rosenberg

Michelle Rosenberg

Michelle Rosenberg is a proud holder of a Master's degree in Global Affairs with a concentration in Globalization and Security, as well as a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, both from Florida International University. Michelle's academic pursuits illustrate her commitment to understanding the complex dimensions of international relations and global dynamics. When she's not diving into the intricacies of global affairs, she cherishes time with her three beloved daughters and relishes exploring new places with her family

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